Conspiracy theory

by thewallflowerchapter

I am convinced the little berry has created a very elaborate conspiracy against me.

After close to two months with her, I now know that she usually needs a nap after staying awake for 2 hours. I learnt that the hard way because if she’s not put down to bed by then, she gets cranky. Really cranky, with red faced screaming, flailing limbs, arching back and all.

So I would always try to let her sleep when I know it’s time. But it’s not always easy, because it seems her yawns and tired signs are only visible to me. When someone walks past and sees me trying to lull her to sleep, or peers into her cot, they’ll go like Hey she’s obviously awake! Or hey she doesn’t look sleepy at all! Then the moment they walk away, she’ll yawn again or her eyelids would start drooping. Then I’ll look like the mad mummy trying to make her non-sleepy baby go to bed.

No one would believe me. That is, until all hell breaks loose and she starts screaming the house down but by then, she’s usually overtired and kit takes twice the effort to put her to bed.

Unfortunately, the little berry’s been winning most battles so far.