A couple of things

by thewallflowerchapter

Oldies but the goodies
I’ve been getting reacquainted with the oldies these days. While rocking the little berry with one foot as I have my lunch in the kitchen, tunes of old serve as a rather nostalgic wall of white noise. And it makes washing dishes much easier.

Zzzzz or not
I oscillate between being ok with the lack of sleep and desperately wanting to snooze. It’s bizarre. One moment I’ll be like, sleeping 4 hours intermittently a night? No big deal. The next moment I’ll be howling internally for some shuteye. These moments usually coincide with nursing times so I suspect it’s the oxytocin hormones at play.

Rockers really rock. Or anything that goes up and down for that matter, like exercise balls or a flight of stairs. I’ve found (or rather GY did) a solution to my afternoon woes of having to carry the little berry to sleep. My evil plan consists of 2 parts. Part 1: Lull her to sleep on the bouncing ball after a feed, or when she starts yawning after playing. Part 2: Once her eyes are closed, I’ll put her in the car seat which doubles up as a rocker. She’ ok in it because it cacoons her, and it’s got the FANTASTIC FUNCTION OF ROCKING IF SHE STIRS IN HER SLEEP. She’s been clocking 1-2hr stretches of sleep in it for the past 2 days. Which means I can sometimes cook, do laundry and eat lunch in between rocking her. But of course there are times when she’s inconsolable in the rocker so I’ll have to carry her and go back to the bouncing ball all over again.

Emergency supply
My emergency supply of 3 dumplings has depleted to 2 today. I was hungry after my soup+rice lunch so I heated up one precious dumpling as a top-up. I seriously need to source for more food that can be heated up easily or can be consumed with one hand (the rice crackers I bought as supplements are working against me. They crunch so loudly the little berry wakes up in her sleep while I carry her.)