Dude, where’s my fist?

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry is at this stage where she’s beginning to stuff her hands into her mouth. She has the cutest anxious expression when her hand briefly brushes against her face and she desperately opens her mouth wide and tries to locate them.

Sometimes she finds her fist and sucks her fingers with much gusto, making funny sucking sounds. Sometimes she misses and she’s left with nothing in her mouth. Herein lies the problem.

At this age, she’s not very accurate with her hand-eye coordination. I think she’s already quite advanced in sucking her own fingers at 6+ weeks old, but the downside is that when she’s still at the hit-and-miss stage.

This means that when she can’t find her fingers (which happens about half the time), she gets grumpy.

When her aim is off and she ends up hitting her own face or poking her eyes, she gets grumpy.

When she does find her fingers but she angles them weirdly and pokes her gums or the side of her mouth, she gets grumpy.

In essence, in the process of learning to self soothe with her own fingers, she gets grumpy a lot.

There are times when I get tempted to position her hand away so she won’t go through the whole cycle of finding and not finding her fingers, but I can’t bear to because she’s so near to doing it properly! Also, a part of me is hoping that she will quickly learn this self-soothing technique which will hopefully make nap times easier for us both.

As with so many things with her development, I’m just going to wait and see how it goes. But meantime, it’s quite amusing to see her try when she doesn’t get grumpy.