Smiling Berry

by thewallflowerchapter

One of the few things that bring me more joy than seeing the little berry smile, is seeing her play and smile at her Papa.

GY had some time this afternoon to play with her and they had a ball of time. He talked to her and showed her pictures and she soaked it all up.

The little berry is slowly learning to recognize faces and loves staring into faces she is familiar with. GY and I sometimes gets a precious smile when we talk to her or show her her favorite thing – polka dots!

She’s beginning to interact with people more this week, and GY suspects we’ve got a playful one on our hands, very much like her mummy. She’s starting to coo and make the most funny noises when playing, and her eyes are able to follow the picture we show her for quite a while.

We are beginning to enjoy her more these days. Sure there are still trying periods when she’s cranky or I have to nurse till my nipples wanna drop off, but at this rate she’s dishing out her smiles, I think it’s going to make the ride a lot easier.