Team 48

by thewallflowerchapter

Don’t worry I’ll carry her if she cries”.

These words from GY really added a bounce to my strides as I walked to 112 today.

I’m still far from my pre-mummy self (something I doubt I’ll ever return to), but I’m definitely less stressed out and high strung than before.

The last time I headed for 112 during my “me” time, I was walking around like a headless zombie, I wanted to go everywhere yet I had nowhere to go.

Today I walked out of my house feeling light, knowing that the little berry is in good hands.

I didn’t do much at the mall, just things like buying bubble tea, tidbits and everyday supplies, but these simple pleasures made me feel like part of the social fabric again.

And it made me appreciate all the teamwork and love behind team 48.