Out Of Confinement

by thewallflowerchapter

Today is the first weekday I’m out of confinement. I was looking forward to this day but at the same time a little fearful of it.

In my mind I’ve set the bar so low I didn’t think I’ll have time to do anything other than feed the little berry and go to the toilet in between. But today turned out surprisingly well, and there’s so much to give thanks for…

A husband who chases me out of the house (with pocket money to boot) so I can get some precious “‘me” time. This is the same guy who carried the hungry crying berry while I have dinner because he thinks I “deserve to have at least one uninterrupted meal”.

Jogging to the seaside, looking at the shoreline and being reminded to “Be still and know that I am God”.

GY’s mum coming over to bathe the little berry, giving me 20 precious minutes to keep the dry laundry.

Time to do another load of laundry while the little berry naps.

Time to cook and eat lunch, even if the latter is a 5min affair, in between the little berry’s cries.

Catching the little berry smiling in her sleep, and at the polka dots (she seems to only smile at the polka dots I drew and not the sticker versions, I wonder what’s the diff).