by thewallflowerchapter

I want to always remember
The anxious way you open your mouth wide
And turn your little face
Side to side very quickly
Searching for milk

The fugitive stare
When you look up from my bosom
Forehead slightly wrinkled
Eyes wide open
Terribly fearful
Your milkie will be taken away

While nursing
I often talk to you
Come on, my little berry
You’re doing very well
Mummy’s very proud of you

Sometimes when I’m bored
I pretend to munch on your arm
Or read myself blind

Sometimes I pray out loud for you
For your daddy
For myself

Sometimes I use my phone
And get paranoid about radiating your brains

Sometimes I get up
And open the door for your brother
Who can never make up his mind
About being upstairs or downstairs

Sometimes I doze off
And drool on you

I like nursing you
It’s when you look most happy and contented
I don’t have to guess why you’re crying
Or live in fear
Of your next outburst

There are times
When it gets trying
When it literally hurts to nurse
When it seems you can’t get enough
And I’m stuck in that chair
Nursing for eternity

But I suspect
I’ll look back and miss these days
Of nursing you
Even the 4am feeds
When all is quiet
And I can only hear your tiny grunts
And see your heavy eyelids
Struggling to stay open