28 Days = 1 Month

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry is 4 weeks old! In the single-digit days, in between the crying and fear, I honestly thought we’d never see this day… so here’s a record of her (rather vague) schedule, for memory’s sake:

6-7 am: Little berry wakes up for her morning feed. Usually GY (bless him) would go check on her first to see if she needs a diaper change so I can snooze for a couple of minutes more. This is one of the hardest feeds because I’d be zonked from waking up the night before and would zombie to her room, plonk her on the breastfeeding pillow, lean back and sleep while she nurses. Recently, I’ve also tried nursing lying down for this feed, but I can’t seem to relax and sleep so that defeats the purpose of doing so.

8ish am: After her feed, the little berry goes back to sleep, either in her cot or on our bed. We’ve taken to putting her on our bed for this nap but then we risk her diaper leaking. I usually pump milk during this time but haven’t been doing so for the past couple of days and it’s improved my quality of life tremendously because I get to sleep while she sleeps. Depending on his schedule, GY either sleeps in with us or gets ready for work during this time.

9ish am: I wake up, change out of my PJs and try to look presentable. My parents arrive around this time to prepare breakfast for me. My mum starts attending to the little berry’s pile of laundry. GY’s mum comes over to bathe her. I quickly go eat my breakfast while she does so. If she’s wet her sheets, I would do a speed change of her bed sheets before going down for breakfast.

10am: Time for her next feed. She’s usually quite awake after this feed and will stay awake (and sometimes cranky, depending on her mood) for the next couple of hours. If she sleeps, I try to get some sleep too (usually unsuccessfully because I somehow always manage to find something that needs to be attended to).

12ish: Time for her next feed. She usually naps for a bit after this feed. Sometimes, GY comes home to check in on us and he usually finds her in a horizontal position – either lying down nursing or sleeping. She doesn’t nap for long and sometimes gets up a little cranky and wants to be carried. I use whatever time I have while she’s cat napping to eat my lunch. If she wakes up in the middle of my lunch (she usually does), my mum will attend to her while I quickly wolf down whatever’s left on the plate.

2ish pm: Next feed. I usually try to change her into clean diapers first before feeding her, so that she can go straight to sleep in her food coma. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t and her eyes pop right open after having the feed and I’ll have to entertain her for a bit.

4ish pm: Next feed. If she’s already been napping for quite a bit before this feed, I’ll try to keep her awake after nursing her, till the next feed. In my mind, this is so that she’ll be tired enough to sleep through the rest of the evening and wake up only for feeds. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Laundry usually dries by this time and my mum keeps and folds them, and I keep them in where they’re supposed to go.

5ish pm: I eat my dinner and my parents wash up and pack up. Depending on whether the little berry is awake or not, she and I will see them off at the gate and spend a bit of time in the garden looking at the setting sun. If she’s cranky, we go back inside and I try other means to soothe her.

6 – 7 pm: GY comes home from work. He’ll usually find me nursing the little berry or attending to her in one way or another. If he’s not in a hurry, we talk for a bit – a time I really cherish. He takes over for a bit from me or goes out to buy dinner/meet friends/hit the gym/play games. If the little berry is awake and cranky, I dial up the fan speed in the living room and sit with her under it in front of the TV. This seems to soothe her a little.

8ish pm: GY comes home with dinner and takes over from me so I can have the luxury of bathing before the next feed.

10pm: Next feed. There were a couple of occasions she got cranky around this time and we have a couple of soul-destroying hours until the next feed when she quietens down. We have great hopes of cluster feeding her so that she can ultimately sleep through the night. But she seems to have a mind of her own, even if we cluster feed her at 1.5hour intervals, she still wakes up when she wants to wake up to feed.

12ish pm: Last feed of the day, before the night feeds. She usually goes to sleep quite quickly after this feed.

2ish am: Baby monitor goes off and she wakes up for her first night feed.

4-5 am: Second night feed. She usually goes right back to sleep without much fanfare during these 2 feeds, thank God! (Although there was once she decided she didn’t want to sleep anymore and it took a good hour persuading her otherwise).

7ish am: Take it right from the top again…