Remembering The Good

by thewallflowerchapter

On trying days like these, it’s good to remember 48 and think about all that’s good and pure and excellent and praiseworthy… So I’m making a list:

Being blessed with the little berry, when lots of couples have trouble conceiving.

The little berry is a healthy baby, like we prayed for. She’s got very powerful lungs, as we’ve been experiencing these couple of days.

The labour was a miraculously fast and smooth one, with actual delivery happening less than an hour upon reaching the hospital, and the pushing lasting less than 4 mins.

Breastfeeding was established relatively smoothly, when many others have gone through tear-filled journeys for this.

The little berry is putting on weight, evident from our home-weighing last week and her cheeks which are starting to get chubbier. When I burp her, I can feel that her back is less bony than before.

The both of us are still learning about how to take care of her, but GY has been an excellent partner and I couldn’t ask for more.