A Berry Sleepy Afternoon

by thewallflowerchapter

You fight sleep
Like a matador
Fierce and unrelenting
Especially during those cruel hours
In the early afternoon
And before midnight
When you stay awake
And scream yourself purple
If we should so much as put you down

This behavior of yours
Saddens me
When I see you so tired
Yet it also frustrates me
When I’m dying for sleep myself

So this afternoon
I stayed by your side
Out of curiousity
About the worlds you glide through
To get to dreamland

Here’s what I discovered:
After I put you down in your cot
Your eyes would spring open
Staring back at me
Then at the black and white painting
Your daddy made for you
Hanging above your cot

You would wriggle around like a worm
For a good few minutes
Legs kicking
Arms flailing
Before your eyelids would drop
Ever so heavily
And you’d be still for a while
With that seventh mile stare

Usually by this time
I would leave the room
But today I stayed
And saw you sleeping sweetly
For almost a full minute
All of a sudden
Your arms shoot up
Flinging around helplessly
Your eyes fill with fear
As though you’re shaken violently
You’re jolted out of the temporary dreamland
Your face scrunched up
You whimper for help
And when none came
You brawl helplessly

All this while
I stood by the side
Pretty helpless myself
Undecided if I should come to you
Or let you learn to self soothe
Wondering the whole time
How to let you understand
That you’re not alone

It might have been just
A couple of minutes
But those minutes
Felt like an eternity to me
As I watch you brawl

It suddenly came to me
At least now I know
That you’re not spoiled
You’re not manipulative
That you really do try to sleep
On your own
But sometimes
You just need a little help
Getting there