by thewallflowerchapter

Today I’m thankful for…

GY changing the little berry’s diapers at 7am, which gave me 10 precious minutes of snooze before nursing her.

Little berry’s big pool of poo (never thought I’ll say this, seriously) coz it means she’s not constipated, and she’s been less cranky today so maybe she was indeed uncomfortable from the stomachache-y yesterday.

Two glorious short naps in the daytime, one before lunch and one in the late afternoon, with her on my chest.

Clean laundry, courtesy of my mum. I have no idea how I’ll find time to do laundry when she’s gone.

Chopper waiting quietly for me to open the door to let him in while the little berry napped (he had gone out to check out the situation at our front gate).

Reading entries by other mums – one had a hard time breastfeeding (which made me so thankful breastfeeding went relatively smoothly for us), and another who wrote about having to wake up at 1am, 2am, 4am and 5am every night to feed her newborn whilst having to work – this really made me realise that the little berry has been extremely kind to me, given that I wake up a maximum of two times a night to nurse her so far.

I was also reminded that these infancy days will pass very quickly, and I really should enjoy them as much as I can, despite the doubts, questions, and fear that spring up sometimes.