Today I’m Thankful For

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry sleeping for almost 4hrs in between 2 of her feeds this morning.

Watching her smile as I waved the black/white dots in front of her.

GY for picking up the supplies and buying the bouncer, which I’m seriously hoping the little berry will take to while I potter around the house in weeks to come.

My folks for taking care of her while I try to nap (even though I’m typing this instead).

GY’s mum bathing the little berry.


Mornings and early afternoons are usually manageable. It’s the evenings when the sun sets and night creeps up that things get a little scary for me.

Things were trying last night, the little berry got quite cranky in the evening till close to midnight. Luckily GY was there to take care of her so I could shower, take care of my wound, and feel like a human being again.I felt a little anxious and helpless when GY was home later than usual. I tried to switch on the TV so I don’t feel the quietness of the house and the amplification of the little berry’s cries, but it didn’t work coz her cries were even louder than Shrek which was showing on HBO.

I kept wondering whether GY had a bad day at work, or if his friend was in trouble again, or whether he just wanted to be away from us for a while to find some fresh air… in between these thoughts and the burning desire to bathe and trying to decipher what the little berry wants from her cries, the Lord somehow managed to pull me through to another day.

He will rejoice over you with singing, He will quiet you with His love.”  Zephaniah 3:17