Small Steps

by thewallflowerchapter

It’s all too easy to see the gloom, fear and anxiety in the few weeks of parenthood, so to keep my sanity and possibly my husband’s, I’ll attempt to write regularly on things I’m thankful for during this transition period.

So off the top of my head, the things I’m thankful for recently are:

  • GY soothing the little berry to sleep last night when she was having a crying spell. I get very helpless and afraid when she cries after she’s been burped, changed, fed, because I don’t know what else to do! It was almost a miracle when I opened the door of the nursery, peeped in and saw her sleeping blissfully on his lap. I don’t know how he did that.
  • My mum taking care of all our laundry. I didn’t realise how much laundry can pile up within just a couple of days, but everyday she’s like this superhero who scoops up everything in the little berry’s laundry basket (some of which have been poo-ed and peed upon), and hand washes them. She’s taken it upon herself to do the adults’ laundry too. I wanted to protest initially, but who am I kidding, I really do need and appreciate the help.
  • The little berry’s jaundice level has gone down from 288 to 244, yay! She doesn’t have to be admitted for the photolight thingie, hopefully the levels continue to go down. I’m also super thankful that she was a real champ during the NUH visit today, she basically slept through the whole day, all 2hrs of it! She only wailed for less than a minute when they pricked her heel to draw blood, then she quietened down very quickly and went straight back to sleep. Maybe she’s got a high threshold for pain, like her mummy, hur hur…
  • Am super thankful GY and myself took the NUH visit in our stride too, two groggy, sleep-deprived adults can be the perfect concoction for a real disaster, but thank God for answered prayers and for his peace over us (although I did go berserk when I came home and saw that the floor has been destroyed by Chopper).
  • GY’s mum coming daily to bathe the little berry. It’s a big load off us, even though it can be challenging schedule-wise and sometimes stresses me out, but I’m thankful for the help. I’m looking forward to bathe the little berry myself after the confinement period though, bathing is supposed to be a very good bonding time with the baby.

Everyone, literally everyone, keeps telling me that it gets easier as she gets older, to look forward to the 4-5 weeks mark when she’s more alert and responsive. And the 2-3 months mark then she can actually play and laugh. Somehow these milestones seem so far away now, both GY and I feel like it’s been 2 months even though it’s only been 2 weeks. But I’m sure the Lord will bring us through to the promise land when we get to be less afraid of the little berry and to enjoy her more. He’s already answered all our prayers so far, a healthy baby, a smooth pregnancy and a speedy labour, what else can’t He do? 🙂