Surrealistic Nightmare

by thewallflowerchapter

Just had a really bad nightmare. I dreamt that the little berry had a “skullcap” problem.

I was watching tv at my parent’s place when a neighbour carried her over. He was carrying his own baby, who also had a skullcap problem, only that the skullcap problem in this nightmare isn’t a skin issue, each babies’ head had a huge hole in it and we could see through to their brains!

The neighbour didn’t seem too concerned about this problem with his baby, instead as he passed the little berry to me, he told me with concern that the little berry doesn’t even have the “support system” for her skull.

When I carried her into the living room, Amy held her and looked into her skull and exclaimed “no wonder!” and told me to look in too. Through the hole in her skull, I could see her eyeballs, connecting parts and they’re all made of plastic and paper!

I was very distraught and horrified and as I was crying, I announced to them that we need to get her to a doctor straightaway. My mum started to tell me something, probably some advice, but I screamed at her and left the room to call Cindy out of desperation. I wanted to get an appt with her the next day.

When I called her, her reception was quite bad and halfway through my explanation of the situation, her line went dead. I curled up into a ball in the room and started crying. That’s when I woke up.