First Week

by thewallflowerchapter

A couple of things to remember in the first days with the little berry:

GY holding her and telling her “Daddy loves you”.

When DJ was praying for her, she said that she didn’t understand the meaning of “beautiful” until she saw the little berry.

Looking at her and feeling so thankful and amazed that I started crying.

She frantically turning her head from side to side, mouth wide open, looking for mummy’s boob.

The very first night she came home, I was nursing her from 11-4am because whenever I put her in her cot, she would cry. I felt scared and helpless, but didn’t want to wake GY up because I know he’s got to work the next day… I think that episode scarred me for life, I now have a slight phobia of Nat King Cole music playing and the nursery at night.

GY bathing her for the first time and she crying her lungs out. It was traumatizing for all 3 of us. GY and I almost quarreled.

Chopper dashing upstairs to stand by the cot and put his nose into the cot to sniff her when he heard her crying.

Me bawling my eyes out to GY, telling him my fears and anxiety.