Day 1

by thewallflowerchapter

And we are starting the countdown all over again.

Yesterday began Day 1 of the little berry’s stay in Mugliston. She was lovely when she came home, sleeping sweetly and all wrapped up in her starry blue swaddle I picked out especially for her homecoming.

She slept for a good part of the afternoon and early evening while we pottered around the house unpacking and doing miscellaneous stuff. What fools we were! Should’ve used that time to sleep.

It was a relay marathon of trying to get her to sleep last night. After I nursed her from on and off from 11pm to 4am, GY took over for the rest of the morning to let me have some sleep.

I’m amazed and very thankful for him, especially when so many husbands don’t even dare to hold their newborns, let alone bathe them or are willing to sacrifice their sleep to save their wife’s sanity.

Rough Day 1, but team 48 made it with God’s grace. May he continue to see us through.