False or true labour?

by thewallflowerchapter

Around 8plus am, I was so tired from tracking the contractions that I fell asleep for a good half hour or so. There were a couple of contractions that woke me up, but they were rather mild and manageable.

After the nap, the contractions are coming back on but slowly. They were about 12mins apart for awhile, and now it’s 8-9mins apart again.

I’m really beginning to wonder if this is true labour contractions. According to the BabyCentre website, true labour contractions are supposed to get closer together and more intense, so I’m not exactly sure what to make of these I’m having.

In any case, the husband has taken the day off work and has gone to buy some Mac breakfast, which is always a good thing to start any day right : )

He’s rather excited I can tell, he literally leaped out of bed and started asking Chopper if today’s the day. Chopper isn’t that excited though… I think he’s wondering why isn’t anyone feeding him his breakfast yet.