Is this it?

by thewallflowerchapter

Contractions are about 8-9mins apart now… I’ve been experiencing it since around 4ish am and at 5am, decided to use the iPhone app to time the contractions, despite my disbelief that this is the real thing.

It’s coming to 7am now and I’ve been experiencing varying levels of contraction intensities, from distractable mild to cringe-worthy strong for the past 2-3hrs. Didn’t manage to get much sleep in between, too excited perhaps.

Tried waking the husband up to tell him but he nodded right back to sleep. Oh well… maybe it’s better to wake him when contractions are 5-6mins apart. Hopefully the morning traffic condition wouldn’t be crazy to drive through then.

I wonder if there’s time for Mac breakfast delivery before we head to the hospital… an OJ and saussage mcmuffin with egg sounds really good now.