I Wonder

by thewallflowerchapter

My dear little berry,

I wonder
What I would say
When I finally get to hold you in my arms
Would I go “Oh!” like a mama berry
Delirious with joy
Or speechless at your tiny presence

I wonder
Whose eyes you’ll take after
Big like your mummy’s
Small like your daddy’s
Or medium sized
Like your daddy used to joke

I wonder
If you’ll like your new room
Prayed over while you were still in my tummy
Decorated with handmade bunting flags
The smell of new wardrobe
Your bunny friend tucked in
Paintings made by your daddy and mummy
Hanging just above your bed

I wonder
What you’ll make of your brother
The furry Chopper Kunnie
Who’s been so very curious about you
He wanders into your room from time to time
Not sure what to make of the whole deal
But I’m sure he’s excited to meet you too
(And probably lick you as well)

I wonder
How your daddy will react
When he carries you for the first time
And puts his face next to yours
I know he’s been secretly waiting for this day
For a very long time now
But that’s a secret between you and me

I wonder
When I’ll get to meet you
It was supposed to be today
And now it’s Friday
But whichever day you arrive
I know it’ll be perfect
Because God who created you
Makes all things beautiful in His time