36 Weeks

by thewallflowerchapter

That’s full term baby! Which means the little berry will not be considered a premature baby and has a 99% chance of survival if she should be born from this day forth (ok technically it’s tomorrow but it’s the same idea).

I’m experiencing a strange sort of struggle…. on one hand, I can’t wait to meet the little berry, I’m very curious and impatient to see the person these kicks and punches have been coming from. On the other hand, I wish she wouldn’t come too soon because we still haven’t sorted out a couple of things. We’ve pretty much got most of the stuff bought/borrowed/fixed up, but there are still final touches to be done…

  1. Wardrobes 
    Our dear carpenter is almost done! Last I heard from the husband who’s been faithfully checking on the progress, he’s doing up the doors, so I’m looking forward to the installation of the wardrobes sooooooon…. because so many things are pending based on this.
  2. Nursery (intrinsically linked to point no.1)
    Once the wardrobes are up, we can populate the nursery with her many clothes, hang the colorful bunting decorations my mum and I painstakingly made for her, put up the paintings, bring the nursing chair in, set up the cot proper and also the changing table, where everything should be within reach to make things easy for green-horn parents. According to the Baby Whisperer, having all these things ready when you come home from the hospital helps is an immense help to new parents, both in the practical and psychological sense.
  3. Final washing
    A lightbulb went off in my head recently: I realised that I should probably wash the cover of the breastfeeding pillow (which is ridiculously named  My Brest Friend) and also the swaddle cloth which I intend to bring the baby home in, since both these items will be in close contact with the baby from day one. She’s also received a couple more clothing presents (from Paris!) so I might as well wash those too.
  4. Figure out the sterilizer & sterilize milk bottles. 
    I have the instruction manual but haven’t actually tried using it to make sure it works. I’ve learnt from many experienced mums that boiling milk bottles is slow, stressful, and not going to help my new-mum bag of nerves. Even if the baby is on full breastfeeding, we will need the bottles at some point for expressed breast milk, so I’ll need to look into that too.
  5. Test the baby monitor 
    That’s the very first thing that we bought when we checked out the baby warehouse and it’s been sitting pretty in its packaging since then. I have no idea how it works and where on the cot to fix it to. Will need to find out.
  6. Set up infant car seat
    The husband’s job, heh.  I’ve heard it can be challenging to set up the car seat because it’s got to be really secure and tightly fitted in, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out.
  7. Journal
    I meant to start a physical journey for the little berry to document her growth from tiny egg to delivery. But alas, I have yet to find an appropriate journal for this purpose and I’m trying to convince myself that this should be the least of my priorities.