Things I Will NOT Miss About Pregnancy

by thewallflowerchapter

As with every journey, there will always be ups and downs. Beyond the many things I’ll miss about pregnancy, there are also quite a few I will most definitely not miss…

  1. Nausea
    The Achille’s heel of pregnancy. The nagging discomfort that mars pregnancy joy and severely lowers your quality of life. I tried to talk to my husband about this before, but having never been nauseated for a prolonged period of time ever in his life, he doesn’t quite empathize. I will surely not miss the bouts of nausea that overwhelms me throughout the day (morning sickness is a misnomer). Walking past colleagues who have their food in the pantry area makes me feel like throwing up, strong-smelling food, especially meaty smells send waves of nausea through me. I know a lot of women have it much worse, my mother-in-law included, but personally speaking, nausea for 4 months straight definitely isn’t something I’ll miss. And I didn’t even lose any weight from it.
  2. Backaches
    I read that 70% of pregnant women suffer from backaches. Unfortunately, I’m part of that demographic. I’m not sure whether the pain stems from my old injury or that my core muscles just aren’t strong enough (this is a very humbling thought), but my backaches can get pretty bad. It gets worse when I stand or walk for a prolonged period of time, which throws my grand plan of walking-as-an-exercise-during-pregnancy right out of the window. I actually really like walking, it slows me down and gives me room to think and pray. But since that’s obviously not going to work out, I’ve taken to swimming instead, apparently the zero gravity helps eleviate the pressure on my spine which makes the backache better. Sometimes at least.
  3. Being unable to sleep on my tummy
    The unglamorous sprawl of sleeping with my face planted on the pillow, flat on my belly, is my all-time favourite sleeping position.  I’ve been sleeping that way all my life, and I resolved to sleep that way for as long as I could during my pregnancy. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as comfortable as I thought it would, and I also started getting paranoid that I was crushing the baby (even though I know it’s small as a pea in the beginning and impossible to ‘crush’). The paranoia in the beginning soon developed into sheer discomfort in the later trimesters where I would be literally pivoted on my protruding tummy if I were to insist on sleeping in my favoured position.
  4. Swollen digits
    I believe I’ve been cursed with this one. I didn’t have any swollen body parts until one day, a mummy-friend I was having dinner with asked me if I could still wear my engagement ring, and if I’ve experienced any water retention on my extremities. The ring was siting pretty on my finger so I told her I was so far so good. The very next day, I woke up with swollen fingers. My ring felt tight and I had to switch my engagement ring to my wedding band which is a looser fit. My feet also started looking a little bigger than they usually are. Sigh, the curse of knowing and noticing. I swear reading up on pregnancy symptoms isn’t necessarily a good thing, because I’ve observed a trend whereby the moment I know and expect a certain condition, it happens to me :S