A Wife’s Prayer

by thewallflowerchapter

Dear Heavenly Father,

Teach me Lord to know the difference between submission and cowardice. Give me the humility to submit to my husband knowing that you’re in full control of the situation, and grant me the courage and wisdom to speak up when the need arises.

When pride swells, when I feel bullied or unjustified, help me Lord know that you are for me, you are my comforter and you’ll meet every need I have. Help me remember that at the end of my life, I stand before an audience of One.

Where I lack wisdom, grace, self-control, compassion, I pray you guide me with your Word. Open my eyes to see the love Jesus had for sinners like me, and who am I to withhold forgiveness and love from those I deem undeserving?

Grant me a passion for your Word, Lord. Not just for head knowledge, but to find life-changing truth out of it. And help me live out these truths and experience the power in your Word.

Where my heart fails, when I tend to compare, when I feel wrought with worries, help me not fall to Satan’s deception that I’m alone. Remind me Lord that I need only cry out to you, and you’re always there.

Make me a prayerful wife above all Lord. Help me find peace in supplication, and open my ears to hear your voice. When you are silent, help me trust your heart, that you’ll act in your time, according to your perfect will.