What I’ll Miss About Pregnancy

by thewallflowerchapter

As bad as the first 3-4 months are, there are some things I’ll miss about being pregnant. In the event we are ever blessed with another child, I’ll do my best to remember these…

  1. Wearing clothes that are tight around the tummy
    I’m blessed in the sense my existing wardrobe seems to take to pregnancy very well, and I didn’t have to buy any maternity clothing at all – save for one black pencil skirt from ASOS Maternity which I’ll be using beyond my pregnancy. I have this thing about clothes, I usually avoid wearing anything that hugs the tummy area because it means I’ll have to suck in my tummy all the time (which inevitably results in feeling light-headed/grumpy/like a tan tai-tu). But since I’ve become more obviously pregnant which was somewhere from the 6th month onwards, I can actually wear these dresses & tops & pencil skirts which hug my tummy without having to suck it in! I can’t overdo it and let my tummy hang loose though, because that will result in a blinding backache.
  2. Getting a seat on the bus/train 
    I can count the no. of times this happened on ONE hand. But hey, it was nice to have strangers who are nice enough to give up their seats for me… my heart is always warmed by their kindness. On the contrary, I also give the evil eye to those who are stubbornly stuck to their seats while I hover my pregnant belly in their faces. I know they’re not obliged to do anything, but still, it makes me sad and angry that they wouldn’t give up their seats to someone who obviously need it more than they do. My colleague joked that I should take a picture of these people and post it on STOMP.
  3. Having an excuse to eat anytime I want 
    I’m not usually shy about stuffing my face, but with the baby, I feel liberated to be munching at any time of the day I want. In fact, I get nods of approval from people around, giving me the I-approve-that-you’re-eating-for-two look.
  4. Husband’s willingness to buy supper at ungodly hours
    This happened only once, and it wasn’t too ungodly an hour (it was 11plus in the PM if I don’t remember wrongly). I really felt like eating hor fun, and lucky for him, Sin Hoi San is just round the corner from our place and they even have a pre-order service so he called them up and trotted down to pick up the packet of steaming hot goodness 10mins later. It tasted soooo good, but I totally regretted it afterwards because a whole package of hor fun just before bed time resulted in slight indigestion and great inability to fall asleep.
  5. The compliments
    Somehow, people just pay more attention to you when you’re pregnant. And 99% of the time, they only have kind words to say, like “Wow you don’t look pregnant at all from the back”, or “8 months already? You don’t look it”, or “You really have the pregnant glow!” A non-pregnant me would NEVER get such attention and compliments