Things I Can’t Do

by thewallflowerchapter

During these last few weeks of pregnancy, that is. Though technically speaking it’s not impossible to do them because I still get these things done, but it’s been increasingly difficult/uncomfortable to do so.

  1. Cut my toenails. 
    Somehow the pregnancy hormones are shooting one way and my ability to keep up is shooting the other. My toenails are growing at a never-before lightning speed and I can’t seem to scrounge up to cut them without thinking that I’m crushing the little berry. In fact, I really do think she is crushed because she protests by jutting her arms out when I scrounge over!
  2. Eat big meals.
    Ok this one’s a given since 1st trimester. But the inability to stomach dessert after a meal is still depressing. The heartburns and indigestion from trying isn’t great encouragement.
  3. Lie down flat.
    When I do, the pressure on my lower back builds up and makes me feel nauseous. Which makes me sit up in bed to reach, but somehow that doesn’t work out very well either because my lower back gets the pressure too. So these days, I effectively lie on my side to read. I won’t be surprised if I’m cross-eyed by the time I deliver.
  4. Pick something from the floor.
    When I do, the little berry literally rolls forward in my tummy, making it really drum-tight near the belly buttons. It feels like I’m crushing her (yes this is an ongoing metaphor). So I try to pick things up a side-ways, resulting in a rather crab-like motion. But I also discovered that when I really concentrate on what I’m doing e.g. weeding, feeding Chopper… I don’t pay attention to the tightness so much. But that doesn’t mean the little berry isn’t uncomfortable though.
  5. Pat Chopper.
    This one’s related to picking something from the floor. When I wake up to pee in the middle of the night (refer to previous post), he usually wakes up too and gives me a “What On Earth” look. I’ll always stoop down to pat him on the head before going back to bed. The problem is that he’s usually lying face flat on the floor, which makes it a tedious thing to bend over and reach him.
  6. Wear pants without toppling over.
    This also applies to wearing underwear, and all things that require one-legged action. The bump makes my sense of balance a little off, but I still manage when I’m trying to scrub my soles in the bathroom (which scares my husband).
  7. Wear my engagement ring.
    I’m convinced that I’m jinxed when it comes to pregnancy symptoms. Before I knew I was pregnancy, I was eating normally but the very next day after I found out, I started feeling nauseous and had trouble stomaching food. Same thing for the ring situation – a friend asked me whether I’m experiencing any water retention in my digits and I was like no, not at all, my fingers and feet are all pretty much normal still, thank you. The very next day, WHAM. I got struck with slightly swollen fingers and feet. I started feeling that the ring is too tight and sadly, swopped it for the wedding band which is of a looser fit. I remember at the beginning of the pregnancy, I had anticipated (but hoped for otherwise) that this would happen, which was why I resolved to wear the engagement ring for as long as I could. I guess the limit has been reached at 34 weeks along.