Loving you, one of my most priceless experiences

by thewallflowerchapter

“Loving you, one of my most priceless experiences.”

I read the above words from a friend’s blog today in her letter to her 1-year-old son. She’s expecting a second child and she’s wondering whether she’ll will love the second child with as much love as she poured into her first. She ended off with this statement which really touched me… would loving my little berry be one of my most priceless experiences? I hope so with all my heart.

I still remember that day when I went to the doctor’s alone because GY had to work. After the scan revealed that it’s a girl and that she’s growing well in my belly, I was filled with unspeakable joy! I was literally bouncing in my steps, and I couldn’t help but commemorate the moment by buying something – a set of tiny newborn clothes for her. So next time when I look at those tiny clothes, I’ll always remember the joy I was revelled in.