Week 15

by thewallflowerchapter

And 25 more weeks to go.

The nausea is definitely kinder to me nowadays, I get a couple of bad hours in the evenings and that’s about it. For the bulk of the day, I actually feel like a human being again. Although the recent bout of stomach virus/gastric pain made me a little confused about whether I’m getting better at all.

I’m reading Luke to the baby now. I chose Luke because it’s the most comprehensive gospel book and i thought it’ll be nice if the baby can hear the story of Jesus once before she comes out. And also because it’s near Christmas and I would like her to know the true meaning of Christmas. And also because the church is preaching from Luke next year and I would like to have a re-read through on the study bible first before hearing the unraveling of the parables from the pulpit. Many reasons for this book 🙂

I’m beginning to take to the name “Luke”, and “Elizabeth”. Luke was a doctor/historian in ancient times who was a faithful servant of the Lord. Elizabeth was mother of John the Baptist, wholeheartedly serving the Lord and was blessed in her old age to bear a son who will turn many to Christ. And the people whom I know who bear these names are God-fearing and admirable, people I looked up to in my Christian walk.