The Newborn Baby Mystery

by thewallflowerchapter

This just goes to show how inexperienced I am… my extensive list of questions to a friend asking for help.

What Do Newborn Babies Need?

Books – these are what I heard are good, but haven’t actually gotten them. Do you have any books you recommend?

The Happiest Baby on the Block about how to calm a crying baby.
Jo Frost’s Confident Baby Care–by the SuperNanny
The SleepEasy Solution about naps and nighttime sleep.
The Nursing Mother’s Companion


Everything else:

Infant car seat – Which brand do you recommend? I read that Graco infant car seats are good and easy to use.

Crib – We’ll probably get a simple wood one because GY is paranoid about white paint. Where did you get yours? Would IKEA be a good place to buy?

Crib mattress – Any to recommend?

Crib mattress pad – I assume this is the stuff to go around the crib so the baby doesn’t knock itself against the bars. Any to recommend?

Fitted crib sheets – How often do you change them? I assume departmental stores should sell?

White noise machine – Read that white noise makes babies sleep better. Do you think this is necessary?

Baby monitor – The baby will be sleeping in a separate room, so we’ll probably a monitor. Do you use one? Any to recommend? We are undecided whether to get one with video display or a simple audio one.

Stroller – Any brands to recommend?

Stroller blanket – Is this necessary?

Baby carriers – Or fabric slings? Which is better? I wonder if the fabric sling makes the baby’s spine go weird… any brands to recommend either way?

High chair – Do we need this anytime soon? Don’t think the baby can sit for a while…

Diapers – We’re still deciding between cloth or synthetic ones… any advice and recommendations?

Diaper wipes – We’ll probably just use cotton wool & water at home, and the disposable kind outside… is this ok?

Diaper rash cream – Is this necessary? Recommendations on brands?

Diaper bag – To carry diapers, wipes, water bottle… I suppose any kind of bag will do?

Changing pad + cover – Or a changing table? Would the ones from IKEA suffice? I didn’t know changing pads need covers…

Saline drops – Read that new babies have stuffy noses, so if you drop saline water into the nose, it will loosen up the mucus and he’ll either sneeze it out or swallow it. Did you use saline drops?

Aspirator — Bulb syringe for sucking snot out of a baby’s nose. Sounds scary… is this necessary?

Baby nail clippers – Can’t babies use normal nail clippers? Where does one get baby ones? 

Baby thermometer – Necessary? If so, rectal or ear ones?

Baby acedominophen — In case the baby gets a fever or is in pain for some reason. Necessary?

T-shirts, onesies, bibs – For a start, how many sets should I get? Where to get practical ones which aren’t ex? The baby will outgrow these very fast right?

Blankets – I suppose any kind will do?

Swaddles – Can normal blankets double up as swaddling blankets?

Gentle laundry detergent – We’re already using an organic brand, can we use the same one for the baby? Oh, and must the baby’s clothes be washed separately from ours?

Baby bathtub – GY is paranoid about using a plastic tub… but what alternatives do we have? I haven’t seen any wooden ones around…

Baby shampoo & body wash – Read that newborns don’t need soap & it could dry up their skin… is that true? In any case, any brands to recommend?

Teethers – When do teeth come out for babies? Any teethers to recommend?


Breastfeeding stuff – I’ll probably attempt to breastfeed the baby…

Breastfeeding pillow – Are they necessary, or would any couch work just as well when breasfeeding?

Breast pump – Any brands to recommend? I’ll probably need one when I get back to work. Actually, do you pump even before you get back to work?

Milk storage bags or bottles – To store your pumped breast milk for freezing… any to recommend? By the way, how do you warm up frozen breast milk?

Bottles – GY is adamant on glass bottles, what kind do you use? How many would I buy for a start, and what kind of “nipples” should I get for these bottles?

Breast pads – For leaking breasts (!!!). Any to recommend?

Nipple cream — Any brands or any other treatment to recommend for sore niipples?

Nursing bras – Are these necessary? If so, what brands are good?

Nursing shirts — Are these necessary?



Books — Do newborns actually appreciate storybooks? Any recommendations?

Nightlight – I suppose IKEA would have these?

Formula – In case I don’t breastfeed exclusively. Any brands to recommend?

Car window sun shade – Necessary?

Rearview mirror for car — To see the baby’s face while you’re driving. Necessary?

Pacifiers – Recommended? Would it do weird stuff to the baby’s teeth in the future?

Food processor — For when the baby starts eating semi-solids. Any specific brands?