Random Thoughts At Week 14

by thewallflowerchapter

The baby very cutie…

Morning sickness has somehow transformed into evening sickness… but thankfully, I have not been puking for the past month. Because of this phenomena, I’ve resorted to taking my one million supplement pills in the mornings and after lunch. I’m hoping that in another couple of weeks, I’ll be completely done with the whole nausea business.

I’ll be perfectly happy if the baby is indeed a girl. I’ll also be perfectly happy if the baby turns out to be a boy. Because the baby very cutie…

I feel like a tan-tai-tu in my dress today. In office, I had to undo 2 buttons and wear my cardigan over the dress. My circumference is expanding fast indeed. Must remember to pile on the cocoa butter at night. The husband says I feel like chocolate when I’m cocoa buttered. I like the smell actually. I suspect he secretly does too.

I have yet to announce the pregnancy to my colleagues. Will probably do so at the department lunch on 9 Dec, which means I’ll be almost 16 weeks along by then.

I’m really looking forward to the next gynae visit when we can see our baby again. The baby very cutie…

Very soon, the baby will be able to hear the sounds I hear and also develop a memory, which means if I were to sing a tune to her when she’s still in my womb, she’ll remember it when she comes out. I think this means it’s a good time to be laying hands on my belly to pray for the baby. Wouldn’t it be nice for the baby to come out, recognizing her parents’ prayers?