Dear Baby

by thewallflowerchapter

Hello there! Greetings from your Mama…

The gynae clinic called me today to say that the OSCAR test results are out and there’s a slim chance that you might have Down’s Syndrome… after hearing that, I got rather worried and distressed. I don’t know why, because I remember very clearly the night before the test, your Papa and I prayed and committed you to God. We prayed that God will take care of you and whatever the results of the test, may it be well with our souls. But somehow when I got the phonecall, I started to worry… your Papa had to remind me that it’s all in God’s good hands and He’s in control.

My mind often wanders to thoughts like, how would we react if you really are a special baby, in the medical sense? How can we prepare ourselves, if that’s even possible? Will I be upset with God? Will I love you just as much, less or much more?

I don’t think we’ll be doing another round of confirmation tests to find out more… so this uncertainty is something we’ll have to live with, and learn to let go of so God can take over.

But in the meantime, I’m excited to see you grow. My tummy is getting bigger everyday, and I can imagine a little person waving wildly inside, just like you did at the OSCAR scan.