The Baby Finally Looks Like A Baby

by thewallflowerchapter

Seeing the baby wriggling around like a worm was a pretty surreal experience. The husband says it’s like me, very fidgety. It was facing down and doing the running man movement, for the first time we saw the arms and legs that have recently sprouted from its 3cm body.

I’ve heard countless stories of parents-to-be who weep with joy when they first see the image of their baby moving. Somehow, we didn’t. The husband took a video with his phone at the gynae’s prompting. I was like, “Oh… it’s wriggling”. It was the gynae who went, “Look! It’s moving! So cute huh! You’re taking a photo? Take a video lah, I’ll hold the screen for you!”

But I must say, it was surreal to say the least. To observe the tiny seed-like object with a heartbeat transforming into a little human being with hands and feet and capable of shaking its bon-bon. God really is quite cool.