The Day We Found Out

by thewallflowerchapter

20 Sept – The Day We Found Out

It all started at Chin’s gym where I had a Biosig consultation with him. Apparently my main problem was with my hormones so he was about to give me some supplements to balance out the estrogen in my body.

Then I asked a simple question just as precautionary measure – Can I take these supplements still if I’m pregnant?

He was like “No… You don’t want to mess with your hormones if you’re pregnant”. He told me to get myself tested before he passes me the supplements. I was quite keen to get started on the hormone balancing programme because I was off my OC pills and breaking out in pimples so I was hoping the supplements will help get rid of them. So when the husband came to pick me, I told him let’s go and get a home test kit to be sure I’m not pregnant before I start on the supplements – just as a precautionary.

After a sumptuous dinner treat at Culina, Dempsey which the husband claimed to be one of the best steak dinners he’s ever had (he had the wagyu T-bone), we headed to NTUC at Parkway. We thought of all places, this would be our best bet for a pregnant test kit. We were wrong. I walked back to the car with lots of grocery unrelated to pregnancy.

The next day, the husband picked up the supplements anyway from Chin because in our minds, my being pregnant was a highly improbable possibility. In our almost-two years of marriage, we’ve always been protected 99.999% of the time.

We finally came home with the pregnancy test kit the next day – 20 Sept 2011 – after visiting a friend’s newborn and after a very satisfying Sakuraya dinner of salmon sashimi, okra, ika, fish soup, grilled mackerel, spicy salmon belly and almost a bottle of sake to split.

We were bush-walking that day, lifting our arms wildly as we stamped our feet through the Parkway Parade Carpark. At one point I was so embarrassed I started running towards Sakuraya. We even went to the Borders closing down sale after dinner to pick up some good deals.

I remember putting our barang barang down on the kitchen table and me announcing that I’m just going to get it over and done with so I can start on the supplements the next day. GY had picked out a Clearblue test kit because he wanted one that’s more accurate and less cheapo.

After reading the instructions briefly, I peed into a cup (I had no confidence I could pee for 5 seconds continuously – I shouldn’t have worried, the cup almost overflowed) and tore open the test kit. The moment I dipped the litmus end of the kit into the chrymsanthanum cup of pee, it turned bright pink. The liquid seemed to soak through the paper very quickly and we could see it traveling towards the other end of the stick, streaking a bright, bold blue cross in the centre.

I looked at the diagram on the leaflet, it says that no matter how faint that vertical line is, it means I’m pregnant. I was in disbelief and showed the husband the stick. He took one look at it and was like, nah you’re not pregnant, the horizontal line is too faint. He clearly was on the wrong frequency. I told him we are supposed to look at the VERTICAL line!!! That’s when it hit him, and me, and us, and Chopper. I’m pregnant. 5 weeks and a few days to be exact.