Brrr… It’s Cold In Here, You Gotta Get Some Torros In The Atmosphere

by thewallflowerchapter

Can I just say that pregnancy really does strange things to one’s body? I used to perspire when I walk from my office to the MRT station which is 3mins away. Now, I bundle myself up in thick cardigans/jackets/hoodies/blankets everyday, sometimes even when I go out for lunch at hawker centres! And even then, I don’t perspire at all!

On the contrary, I feel this intense cold which seems to come from the inside. I get these chills and cannot step out of the shower until I’m completely dry because I would shiver in the air-con.

And of all things, my husband is a polar bear. He runs the house like a chiller and our room temperature is always regulated at 20 degrees (or below). When we eat in the living room, he switches on the air-con. When we get into the car, he blasts the air-con. When we go to his parent’s for dinner, he reaches for the air-con remote control.

I pray for the day he feels the cold the way I do… but till then, I’m wearing my thick jacket with my hoodie up in my own bedroom. Sigh.