7 Weeks Today

by thewallflowerchapter

I’m 7 weeks pregnant today. I know it’s a little late to be starting a blog to chronicle my pregnant life, but well I only found out when I was 5 and a half weeks along.

I’ve wished with all my heart that I could be one of those pregnant woman who would thoroughly enjoy her pregnancy, with no morning sickness or headaches or constant hangover-like sentiments. But alas, God had slightly different plans for me.

I’ve been feeling queasy for the past 1.5 weeks since I’ve found out about my pregnancy, I don’t know whether it’s from the excessive reading up about symptoms, or whether it’s just HCG hormones finally kicking in full swing, but suddenly, I’ve lost that wonderful whale of an appetite I used to wish I didn’t have in the mornings. I wake up at least twice to pee at nights, and as a result (or maybe not), I have difficulty staying awake through the day.

I used to think that pregnant women who get morning sickness were ‘weak’ and probably deserve it from their lack of exercise. I thought I would get along fine because I was always exercising in one form or another – running home from work, mountain biking during the weekends, or even joining the husband in the gym once in a blue moon.

Oh what a fool I was!

I just came out of the office toilet after a bout of vomiting – my second time today. I’m not sure if it’s the Tom Yum Soup I had for lunch, or is it just my turn to get it bad, or well-deserved punishment for judging all these suffering pregnant women! But whatever it is, it doesn’t feel good. Having to rush out of discussions to stick my finger down my throat and get all the nasties out isn’t my idea of joy during pregnancy. Even as I type now, I’m feeling these remnant urges to barf. Urgh.

This is also part of the reason why I decided to start this blog. I figure I can’t remember how bad (or good) things are when I’m not pregnant anymore, so this will be a way for me to remember.